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Enterprise eDRMS/ECM

Our Enterprise Content and Document Management Software will completely change the way you look at managing your paper and electronic documents.

  • Enterprise Wide Solution

    As your organisation’s information repository grows and with the increase in your statutory & legal obligations, it is vital that you can securely manage your information from a central portal whilst providing systematic control over the life cycle of recorded information. infoXpert Document, Records & Content Management makes that easier than ever, allowing you unprecedented freedom, simplicity, flexibility and security to manage and work on your documents across the entire enterprise. Any authorised user can create, view, edit, share and manage documents safely and securely anytime and anywhere (from different office locations, from home, even across the globe!).

    Everyday organisations generate a tremendous amount of paper and digital content such as proposals, contracts, customer profiles, human resource reviews, financial reports, forms, announcements and memos. Any organisation’s ability to effectively manage this vast number of documents is dramatically enhanced with an industrial strength electronic Document, Records & Content Management System (eDRMS and ECM).

    infoXpert eDRMS is the ideal solution, enabling organisations to effectively and efficiently create, capture, secure, share, distribute andmanage digital and paper-based documents, records and content.

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  • An Investment in Improved Productivity

    Implementing infoXpert is an investment in improving the productivity within an organisation by dramatically reducing the time users require to locate the information they need and simplifying the process of document collaboration.

    infoXpert also saves you money by centralising and managing a function typically spread over countless applications, systems and unstructured network drives.

    Finally, there’s the very real value associated with your peace of mind in knowing that all of your critical corporate records and documents are centralised, secured, versioned, and instantly recoverable.

  • Intuitive, Easy to Use Web Interface

    An intuitive, easy to use web browser interface is a key reason why infoXpert is so widely adopted by staff throughout an organisation. Staff will quickly understand and become proficient in the use of infoXpert within a very short time.

    The user friendly display provides rapid information discovery and promotes an easy process for saving all documents, records & content to the central repository.

  • Integrated Software Modules

    infoXpert  features a range of integrated modules within the one eDRMS / ECM package.

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  • Our Service is the Difference...

    In addition to the ease of use, comprehensive features and increased productivity offered within infoXpert, it is the infoXpert service that is the key factor why organisations choose infoXpert.

    Our excellence in customer support together with the professional implementation services from our team of friendly & experienced staff will ensure that the transition to infoXpert is on time and on budget.

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